Joining Online Communities

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When looking for online communities to join, I found Connected Educators and loved the feel and layout of the community. I really liked how diverse the members were. There are principals, administration, and teachers of all subjects. They also post about PD opportunities with different speakers and webinars. They have a resource page and a blog so I can explore lots of new information. They don’t create an opportunity to leave comments or participate in anything on the website so I tweeted out one resource I really enjoyed looking through and I tweeted to a fellow connected math educator to see if I can get a conversation started.

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TechTools for the Classroom


I joined this community because I wanted to learn more about different technology based tools both for me and my students in the classroom. They have a huge resource area and a discussion board where people can post questions or experiences they have had with different tech tools. I love the discussion board because I know in the fall I am going to have a ton of questions since my school is transitioning into 1-1 so I will be using this feature a lot!

Building Understanding in Math


I really liked the discussion forums on this community! I am very passionate about math and how it changes the way we interpret the world so these are my people. They are lacking a resource area so I would want to try and upload some of my own resources, but overall it seems like a really great community with positive and bright math people.

Algebra Readiness

This community is rather small and there hasn’t been much posted on the discussion board. I introduced myself and I posted on the discussion board asking for any great Algebra resources. I am excited to see what new things get posted here over the summer since I start teaching Algebra in the fall and I will need some great resources on it!


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