PLE Diagram

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 8.55.42 AM.jpg

While I was creating my PLE Diagram I sat down with my little whiteboard and pen and started writing down all the online communities I frequent in my life. I broke it into the four different parts of my life. The top left is my grad school section, top right is work section, bottom left is coaching section, and bottom right is personal section. Some of my online communities overlap, but my personal section I like to keep on it’s own and away from the more professional sections. I wanted to make this using digital tools and push myself since my creative side tends to fall more into the drawing and film making mediums. I used Word which was surprisingly easy to manipulate the icons. I really like my final product and I feel like it represents me and my life very well.

I am unfortunately locked out of my Facebook page, so I can’t go and look and other people’s PLE Diagrams, but I can imagine that some would be similar to mine. I know especially the grad school section in my diagram would be similar to all of my classmates as well as the personal section of mine. Many people use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and You Tube for their own personal use. I think the section that would make mine unique would be the coaching section. I use many online communities to help me learn more about soccer and volleyball coaching.

Overall, this assignment made me really think about all the ways I am actually connected to the internet. I am much more connected than I thought I was and I rely on many online communities to help me learn and grown in both my professional and personal lives.

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