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Next year I am moving schools and I want to switch up my normal homework routine. I am staying within my current district, I am just moving from the middle school, 6th and 7th grade, to the jr high, 8th and 9th grade. The math teachers at my new school are notorious for giving a lot of homework, but that is not my style. I like to give 10 problems max and use it more as a reward rather than a punishment. At my last job, I gave 5 points no matter what, even if the students got everything wrong. If an assignment was turned in late then the students would get a 3 out of 5. Now that I am moving up into an older grade, I want to hold the students more responsible for their homework. Here are my ideas, tell me what you think!


I want to give my students 10 problems on all of their homework next year. I also want to include an answer key with every assignment so students can check their work as they go. I don’t want the answers to be in any particular order, or numbered or anything, I just want it to be along the bottom so students can check and see if the answer they got is one of the options. All of the work will be given to them on my class website so it will always be in the same location and it will have consistency.


Since all of the assignments will be 10 problems then I want to score each one out of 10 points and for correctness instead of just for completeness. I feel like now that they are older, it will hold them more accountable for their work. I will have my TA’s walk around at the beginning of the period when the students are working on their entry task and check off the student’s homework for completeness. Then we will grade the homework, with a pen, and they will write their score at the top. Then they will turn it in and my TA’s will record their score in the paper grade book. I will then go through and check the homework myself to see what the commonly missed problems were to use it as a formative assessment.

Late Work

For missing work, the highest grade they can get is an 8 out of 10. So if the students gets all 10 problems correct then their score would be an 8. After that it is the same so if they get 1 wrong then they would get a 7 and 2 wrong would give them a 6 and so on and so on. All late work is due by the test date and if they don’t get it in by the test then it becomes a zero in the grade book.


6 thoughts on “Homework Ideas – EdTech 537

  1. kellyspiese says:

    Ryann — I’m not a K12 teacher, but in looking at your post, I would say that this looks fairly reasonable. Given that you are moving up to 8th and 9th grade, I would say that your homework plan seems appropriate for that grade level. Where we live there seems to be this growing trend of having your kids be involved in so many after school activities – the more the better. I often wonder how these kids have time to do their homework.


    • rwaldmanblog says:

      I agree! I am shocked when some of my students tell me that they worked on homework for hours and stayed up till midnight because they had so much to do after their after school activities. I try to not overwhelm them and make sure that they know exactly what they are getting each day. I also tell them that if they are feeling overwhelmed or not understanding something on the homework to just not do it and come in in the morning and work on it with me before school and then they can still get full credit. I don’t want homework to be a punishment, I want it to be a learning tool!


    • rwaldmanblog says:

      I usually assign homework Monday to Thursday but I like leaving Fridays without homework so the students have more time on the weekends to be kids. I want my homework to be a consistent thing that they can expect everyday and know what they are going to be getting. It is a great think to have them on a routine!


  2. kristingaynor says:

    Hi Ryann,
    I think it’s really important to have your routines for homework and how they will be graded. I also really like that you will be focusing your instruction around commonly missed problems in the homework. I also try to let homework be a formative assessment for me in terms of what I need to be doing with my instruction. If my students are having trouble with simple binary formula writing, I’m not going to jump on to the next topic! I think it’s really important that teachers are flexible with their instruction based on their individual classes.
    Thanks for sharing!


    • rwaldmanblog says:

      I feel like homework can be more important that what I see a lot of other teachers are doing. I want my homework to be a meaningful formative assessment. I also use commonly missed problems as warm up problems on the following days so they can see them again. It is important to keep them on schedule, but it is also important that they are understanding the concepts.

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