Blogging Plan – EdTech 537

Here is a link to my Blogging Plan for the next two months!

Blogging Plan

I am really excited to start blogging for my school year and using as a new tool in my classroom! Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Blogging Plan – EdTech 537

    • rwaldmanblog says:

      I am really excited for the Class Corner idea! I hope it cuts down on the amount of parent emails I get asking questions. I also hope that mixing math and writing will change their perspective on how different subjects can be combined!


  1. Jake Lee says:

    This looks great! Your rollout is on point. As someone who has been blogged in the past, you will not regret it. Parents truly appreciate being informed and loved the easy of following and blog. I really like the Friday Corner ideas where you update your parents of what is happening. I think your parents will respond very well to those posts.

    Good luck on your blogging adventures.


    • rwaldmanblog says:

      I think that the parents will really enjoy it too! I hope they like the ease of having everything they need in one place.I just need to make sure I make it a priority and don’t let it slide. Thanks for the good luck!


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