543 Course Reflection

This course was not what I expected it to be. When I heard the title of the course, I assumed that I would be learning how I can incorporate social media tools within my teaching practice. Initially, I was frustrated when that wasn’t the first things we started to learn, but I do think that in a weird backwards way, I did learn ways how to incorporate social media within my teaching. While it wasn’t deliberate (or maybe it was), the activities we did gave me some really good ideas that I plan to use to next year when school starts.

I also am not a huge social media fan. I dislike Facebook quite a bit, even after the course, Twitter seemed dumb to me, and still kind of does, and blogging seemed time consuming. While I don’t see myself changing my mind about Facebook anytime soon, I am starting to see Twitter and blogging as more appealing options thanks to this course. The twitter chats assignment was actually a little fun and I have enjoyed writing my thoughts out on my blog.

Twitter & Class Hashtags

I love this idea! My students are always using Twitter and if I can use it as a way for me to reach them and remind them of things then I am totally going to use it. I plan on creating hashtags for each of my math classes and having them tweet out things that they have learned that day as an exit ticket. I will have a tweet deck and follow each of my class hashtags and then retweet some of the really great exit tickets that my students post. I hope that all my parents are on board with allowing their kids to have twitters!

Professional Learning Networks

Next year I am teaching one Geometry class and I have heard that students HATE Geo even though it is my favorite math. I want to work with the other teachers that are teaching Geo and have us create PLNs that bring students together from different classes so they can all share the different techniques we use to teach Geometry. I have already talked to one of my math team members and she is on board so now I only need two more to say yes!

Classroom Blog

This is my favorite plan for next year! I am really excited to start incorporating blogging for communication instead of parent emails all the time. I am not a huge fan of sending out parent emails to EVERY parent on my roster list. I always get back a ton of, “Thanks!” emails that fill up my inbox and aren’t relevant. I am hoping that by using classroom blogging that I only get emails from parents who really have a question. I also think that it will be easier for both parents and students to have all of the information in one place where it won’t disappear! It will be there all year long so when I have a student who says, “You never told me that!” all I have to do is to show it to them on my blog and say, “Yes I did!”

Blog Self Assessment

I feel as if I tried my hardest to be creative when blogging in this course. While I was looking through all my past blog posts I noticed one thing, they’re very positive posts. I really focused on maintaining myself as a positive presence on my learning log and showing people who I really am. I can hear and see myself in my posts and I am proud of that. I also am really proud of some of the projects that I have posted on here. My creative expression was my favorite project I did all semester. The stop-motion video took forever but I think it represents me and my thoughts on the topic.

I also really enjoyed my post on my PLE Diagram. I worked really hard on that project and in my blog post I even talked about how hard I pushed myself to create something using only digital tools. I am usually a more hands on creative soul so this project really put me out of my comfort zone.

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 8.55.42 AM

The one thing I think I could work on with my blog, and it’s really important, would be to cite my sources better when I find images online. I either need to place the URL of the image somewhere in my blog post or use Creative Commons or my own images more so I don’t get in trouble down the road for using copyrighted things. This isn’t a huge change, but I think it will benefit me greatly in my future blogging practices.

I think I would deserve a grade of 70/75 for my blogging practices. I think I lose the five points because of my lack of citing my sources, but I think my content, images, and work is excellent and shows who I am as a writer and student.

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