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My district has a lot of school transitions. We are a small district, but over the past ten years we have been steadily growing. We have been running out of room so in order to make up for it we have built schools on what little land we have. Right now our students start at a primary school (pre-2), move to one of two elementary schools (3-5), move to one middle school (6-7), then a jr high (8-9), and then finally our high school (10-12). The middle school building is quite literally falling apart with leaking ceilings and moldy rooms. This is inspiring my district to reconsider how many transitions our students have to go through. Right now we have two options that the administration is discussing.

Option #1

  • Tear down and build new middle school and make it grades 6-8.
  • Turn jr high into a second middle school.
  • Students from elementary #1 go to new middle school.
  • Remodel high school to fit grades 9-12.
  • Both middle schools transfer to the one high school.

Option #2

  • Remodel old middle school and turn it into a new district office.
  • Remodel jr high, which is a newer building, making it twice as large and turning it into a middle school grades 6-8.
  • Take old district office, located on high school property, and turn it into more classrooms to fit the 9th graders.
  • Have both elementary students transfer into the one new, larger middle school.

8 thoughts on “Schools Poll – EdTech 537

  1. Angela Wagner says:

    My district is currently under construction as well. There was plenty of discussions prior to our plan now. Presently, our new high school is being built, and we are slated to start there in the 2018-2019 school year. The middle school will move into our current high school as well as add- in the sixth grade. Our intermediate school will transition to be 4-5th (instead of 5th-6th) while the elementary schools will house K-3 only. I am excited to see this change and watch our district grow. Construction and transitions can cause some stress, but when all is settled, I think you all will find your choices best for the community and students.


    • rwaldmanblog says:

      That is an interesting format. One of my friends teaches at a school that is only 4th and 5th and she loves it! She says that the students are all at a very similar part of their lives developmentally. I hope the transition goes great for you!


  2. kellyspiese says:

    You are right. There are certainly going to be a lot of transitions for your students. When I was in school (which was such a long time ago now), I was part of the first group that moved up to the middle school in 6th grade and then we moved to the high school in 9th grade. It seems silly now, but the thing we cared about the most was that we were never going “rule the school.” We were always going to be the low man on the totem pole, so to speak. I never asked my parents how they felt about us being the first group of 6th graders and 9th graders to move to the next school. That would be an interesting question to ask them now.


    • rwaldmanblog says:

      I was the same way! I went to school in the district that I currently teach in and when I was going through was when we were getting the new schools. It felt like each transition was starting us over with where we fell in the “rule the school” hierarchy. It does seem silly, but it is a real feeling for students. I hope what ever decision our district makes, they take everything in to consideration.


  3. Jake Lee says:

    Wow! The current situation has so many transitions for kids! I am glad there are some new plans in the works.

    I chose the first option because it seems to also plan for growth a bit. With 2 middle schools, I feel that the district would avoid having one large junior hight getting overcrowded at some point.

    Sounds exciting.


  4. Brittni Darrington says:

    That is a crazy amount of transitions students have to go through. I chose Option 1 for the same reason Jake did. I think it allows more room for growth. As silly as it is, I also chose that option because it seems like when schools are in need, community members get a little upset when district offices are benefiting with an updated building. We had that happen a few years ago in the district next to mine. Like I said, it’s silly, but it happens.


    • rwaldmanblog says:

      I can agree with the district office upgrade! The only problem is, we don’t have any more land by our high school. Changes schools around is tough, but I have the confidence in my administration to make the best choice for everyone!


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