Project Based Learning

I started reading the first article which then lead me to the next article so I read two this week! After reading them, I feel as if PBL can be effective in any classroom as long as a few crucial steps are followed. If your students have a background in technology and have been taught how to be independent workers within a learning community, then they can be successful. The first thing that the article made me think about was the type of question posed to students when starting a PBL. In order for the PBL to be effective, the question needs to be realistic and open ended. This is what is going to drive the students to be creative in their exploration. An effective PBL also needs to have structured group work. This is a skill that will not only make PBL effective, but the student’s future in work. One of the most important pieces to creating an effective PBL isto have multiple ways for the students to be assessed. This gives them the choice to showcase their best work in the best way for them. Some students are better at public speaking while others are more creative on a computer creating a document. Either way, they are showing they are capable of completing the task at hand. If all of these things can be completed, then a PBL can be effective.

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