Social Network Learning #1

  1. I am not very active in social media, so joining Twitter and Diigo has been a slight shock so far. I think the biggest challenge is going to be keeping track of it all. I also have never been in a “group” before so I have a lot to learn. I don’t love social media, and I don’t love putting much of myself out there on the internet, so it is going to be a slight process for me.
  2. I have not used social media at all for my professional development unless Moodle counts, which I think it might but I’m not completely sure. My school has an Instagram account that our ASB runs, but that is about as close as social media has come to anything in my professional life. I have a million of my students asking to follow me on Instagram and I never accept them. I don’t think it is appropriate and I only want my students to know what I am specifically telling them.
  3. I have never used social media as an instructional strategy. I know other teachers who have used Twitter for assignment reminders and parent communication, but I have not utilized it. I just don’t know how I would use it in my classroom, so I am excited to learn!
  4. I am expecting to learn how to use social media sites in my teaching. I know that my students are on them 24/7 so I do think it would be helpful to know how to use them more and to have my students be more involved, I’m just not sure how yet.

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