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Social Media Projects – Scoop It

During my research, I found that a lot of people are using the same ideas about Social Media in their classrooms. I found a lot of people who were using Facebook for creating fake profiles for people or learning topics. I also found many similar ideas for using Twitter as a way for students to increase communication and to post things that they have learned. Majority of these projects were also not using the actual Facebook or Twitter platforms which seems strange to me. All of my students will have computers next year so I would be able to have my students actually Tweet things out instead of writing them down or create actual Facebook pages instead of just paper ones. Reading through other people’s ideas were also inspiring to come up with my own ideas. A lot of things can also be switched around to fit lots of different subjects.

I think there is still a lot to be developed with using Social Media in classrooms. I know that no one in my school has used it at all so it will be a new area to traverse next year once we start the 1-1 initiative. I am really excited to try the Quadrilateral Project, or a version of it, in my Geometry class next year. I am also excited to try to use YouTube a lot more for both a resource and project ideas. I do think Social Media can be very useful in my classroom, I will just need to do some trial and error first.

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