Links Entry

Teacher Resources

  1.  Pinterest
    • I love Pinterest! I think it is a ver underrated resource for teachers. It has content for lesson plans and assessments as well as classroom management ideas, room set up, and new ideas with technology. I really enjoy how the program caters to your interests once you start pinning things that you think are cool. It’s a great place to get new inspiration!
  2. Teachers Pay Teachers
    • One of my most remembered lessons in undergrad was when my professor taught us that copying other teachers and their lessons is one of the best things we can do. Connecting with others and using their material, with credit given, can change the feel and pace of your typical learning day. I love Teachers Pay Teachers and how it is a community of educators who come together to bring the best activities for every student. It is also a great way to earn a little more money on the side since you can sell your amazing lessons as well!
  3. Common Core State Standards
    • The CCSS are the current set of standards that teachers are expected to teach to. I look at these things more than I look at anything else to help guide my instruction. I would suggest really knowing not only your grade level’s standards, but also the grade above and the grade below. This will help to make sure your students don’t end up with any holes in their education.

Math Resources

  1. Khan Academy
    • This is such a great resources for students, parents, and teachers. Parents can watch the videos to help their kids, students can watch them to help themselves, and teachers can use them as a teaching tool in their classroom. There are different levels of videos and practice that goes with it.
  2. IXL
    • My students love IXL! They really enjoy moving at their own pace and I can use it as an incentive tool for students to move quickly and earn stickers for things they complete. It is also a really great tool for students to get practice in at home since they have access to their account no matter where they are.
  3. dy/dan
    • This is my favorite math blog. The writer, Dan Meyer, taught high school math and his resources are all real world applicable math. I love being able to show my students when and how they are actually going to use what it is I am teaching them and he helps inspire me with great resources on his blog.

2 thoughts on “Links Entry

  1. maestracayero says:

    I too like the suggestions Pinterest finds for you based on what you have been looking for. I have found activities that were way cooler from suggested pins I received later than the ones that first came up on my first search. Have you ever tried or considered having the students use Pinterest to find inspirations as well and create boards that tie to things you have been learning about?
    Thanks for providing the website to the CCSS. I feel like they continue to add to their site and it is a good refresher for teachers before they start a new school year. Looking at what students should know coming in and what they should leave with is definitely helpful.
    And finally, thank you for the dy/dan resource. I had never heard of his blog but I can see how it would be useful. Coming up with real world problems is sometimes difficult so even though it is mostly high school level math I already know that I will be using some of his “real work” ideas (as he states). Thank you for the helpful websites.


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