Professional Learning Hashtags

Hashtags I Chose

  • #math
  • #fifefoward
  • #edcamp
  • #projectbasedlearning
  • #STEM

When looking through the multitude of options for education related hashtags, I was slightly overwhelmed. There are so many and how will I know what will help me in my PL? The first one I chose was #math. I chose this one because I am a math teacher and it can help me to stay up to date on new math developments and what other math people are doing in the field. Next, I chose #fifefoward. This is my district’s hashtag for our new one-to-one initiative that we are rolling out in the fall. I followed this one because the more connected I am on my own district’s professional learning news, the more up to date I will be over the summer months. I then selected #edcamp because we have practiced the format a few times for district PL and I want to learn more about how I can incorporate it in my classroom. The next hashtag I chose was #projectbasedlearning. I took the class last semester and I loved the concept and want to learn more about it before all my students get computers next fall. The final one that I chose was #STEM. I chose this one because I feel it connects a lot of different subjects that I am passionate about.

New Things I Learned

Resource #1: Math Writing Prompts

This is a resource I found from @mashupmath and it is a link to a book that gives examples for different writing prompts. I have been thinking about creating a discussion post area that my students have to write on each week with different math writing prompts. This book would be an amazing resource for me to inspire my kids to think about math on different levels.

Resource #2: Classroom Q

This resource I found through using #edcamp. They were offering free accounts to edcamp users. What this resource is, is a way for students to raise their hand electronically. It digitalizes askign questions. At my school we have a period called flex time where the students are expected to go an work on things that they feel they need help with. I think I could use Classroom Q as a way to track student questions so during flex time, I know exactly what I need to prepare in order to help each student that is coming to me for extra time.

New Thing #3: National Week of Making

It’s National Week of Making! I didn’t know that! I found this new thing on #STEM and it gave me a great idea to give my students something small like a piece of cardboard or paper and see what they can make out of it. This website gave me some inspiration to tie math to creating something new.

What do I think?

Before I started this assignment I had a fairly poor view of Twitter. The head of the TLI department in my district has been pushing us to join Twitter for PL opportunities but I have been hesitant. Now I understand why he wanted us to explore! This was a fabulous assignment that showed me just how quick and easy it is to get new ideas. I like the layout of the TweetDeck more than the news feed layout of regular Twitter. I know my district has other hashtags that they have suggested we follow so I am excited to explore over the summer.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 12.40.03 PM

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 12.40.29 PM.png

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