School Evaluation Summary

East Middle School Summary

East Middle School Survey

This assignment has taught me a lot about what my school needs to improve in order to welcome in the new technology that is coming for our public schools. Technology is the future for our students and we have a lot to change before we are ready for full integration. It also made me realize that a lot of it does fall in the responsibility of the teacher. Many of the tech opportunities we currently have my coworkers are not taking full advantage of. I think this needs to become more mandatory from an administration level.

I do believe that in the next few years East Middle School will change drastically. We are slowly but surely joining the technology phase of education and it makes me excited to see what is going to come. Soon, in a year or two, we are going to be a fully intelligent school with much more tech funding and trainings. Our students are going to be more trained on how technology can help their education not just their social lives. Teachers are going to be more comfortable with the changes that are happening. Administrators are going to be more receptive to teachers technological needs. Overall, East Middle School is going to be a wonder in the public education technology department.


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