Emerging Technologies Artifact

While I was reading about emerging technologies over the last week I realized that I wouldn’t be able to implement a lot of what I was reading into my classroom immediately. Many of my students do not have access to technology on a regular basis and even more don’t have any internet or tech at home. The idea about bringing your own device to my classroom is brilliant, but unfortunately not feasible for many of my students. I also only have access to three computers consistently which isn’t enough to get all 170 of my students onto a math specific adaptive program. These limiting factors led me to a different kind of emerging technology that I would be able to implement right away and it gives equal access for all of my students. The tech I am talking about is called Plickers. Plickers is a series of cards that students hold up that allow them to give quick responses to multiple choice answers. Each card has a unique QR code that represents a student’s answers. All it takes to collect my student’s responses is a fast scan from my iPad. I can then save the data from each response from each child for each question.  It is a quick and easy way to use technology for formative assessment.

For my artifact, I recreated last week’s Math 2 lessons using Plicker Cards as my assessment every day. By doing this I learned just how easy it can be to use technology to assess my kids instead of the traditional pencil and paper method.The SAMR model would put this kind of technology in the substitution phase. There is no function change for my students, but I am able to get more from them at a faster pace. It would give me immediate feedback and help me to identify the kids who are still struggling on the concepts. Now that I have seen just how simple it would be to add the Plicker Cards to my daily routine I am going to print out my own personal (free!) set and get them laminated so my students can start using them! I will number my cards and assign each kid a specific number and they will grab it when they walk in just like they do with their calculators. Using technology in your classroom can be as routine as taking notes and correcting homework.

I have attached my lesson plan for last week that now have Plickers implemented every day as well as a set of cards that you can print out as well and the link to the Plickers website!






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