The video above is about how to use a RSS Aggregator Extension tool. The tool enables you to stay up to date with the news feeds of the websites you are subscribed to. It also gives you a location to store and read your subscribed news feeds. I hope it is enjoyable and helpful.

RSS is very useful when it comes to education. A great way for children to use it is for research. If a student finds a website about a topic that they find interesting, they can subscribe to it using RSS and be able to continually receive information for a period of time. They can then use all the news feed updates they get from their subscription to continue their research.

From a teacher’s standpoint, you could create a class blog and have your students subscribe to it using RSS. This allows your students to remain entirely up to date on what is happening on the blog. You can update their news feeds with homework assignments, learning targets, and extra credit opportunities. You could also have your students create their own blogs and as the teacher, subscribe to their feeds using RSS so you could keep up to date with what they are posting and have all the information kept and organized in one location.

Another thing RSS would be useful for in education is to slowly introduce a topic. You could have your students select a website to subscribe to using RSS. Then, over a selected period of time, have them check in on their news feed to learn more and more about what they have selected. This will allow them to slowly learn about a topic over time. You could even maintain it over an entire school year and have them subscribe to a new website for each unit. This will enable your students to have independence in their learning and give them an extra resource to check back to when they want to learn more about a topic after you have moved on to a different unit.

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